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Chicago – Always Great to Visit

Tweet For this new entry in my travel and photography blog, it was time to get back to one of my favourite cities in the US to visit, Chicago.  This beautiful city on Lake Michigan and home to many skyscrapers, has done an excellent job in planning their waterfront and park systems to make for […]

More Time Spent in Ireland

Tweet After having the opportunity to visit Ireland through three separate ports on a British Isles cruise last year, it left us wanting more of this beautiful land and its friendly people.  For this visit we decided to stay in Dublin to explore the city and we also allowed for a couple of tours to […]

Selective Colour in Black & White Images

Tweet We have all seen the selective use of colour in images and are grabbed by the red double-decker bus shown in London against the black and white back ground.  Or the shot of a colourful bicycle leaning up against a rail in front of a B&W European scene.  Recently, I have started to do […]

Oakville Sunrise

Tweet Sometimes a good image is within 10 to 15 minutes from your house and so it is hard to call it a travel image! A few days ago I drove down to the lake in Oakville to capture some sunrise images around the lighthouse pier.  As I set up my tripod right across the […]

Pompeii / Sorrento / Capri Cruise Excursion – Travel and Photography Blog

Tweet While cruising the beautiful Mediterranean, one of the excursions into Italy is through the port of Naples.  This was definitely a full day’s worth of activity and entailed ten hours visiting historic Pompeii, spending some time exploring Sorrento including lunch and a hydrofoil ride to see the beautiful island of Capri. After arriving in […]

Las Vegas – Travel and Photography Blog

Tweet I visited Las Vegas recently for my first time; for me it was never that high on my list of destinations to visit.  Usually I am drawn to naturally scenic destinations or locations with historical significance and unique architecture.  The interesting thing to me about Vegas is that, for the most part, you don’t […]

Time in Scotland – Travel and Photography Blog

Tweet I recently had my first opportunity to visit Scotland while on a British Isles cruise.  This is definitely a very scenic country with its rugged countryside, great cities, beautiful lochs and many castles to explore.  We entered Scotland through three ports, allowing us to venture in to tour from the west, north and east […]

Niagara-on-the-Lake – Travel and Photography Blog

Tweet The very charming town of Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario is found just over the Niagara River from Youngstown New York and is just down stream approximately 20 kilometers from Niagara Falls where the river runs into Lake Ontario.  While the name of the town varied throughout its history, the current name was not officially granted […]

Chicago – The Clean and Windy City

Tweet The beautiful clean city of Chicago is definitely a great destination to add to your travel bucket list.  The “Windy City” offers much to see and do while enjoying its tourist friendly streets.  Chicago’s many impressive parks and waterfront areas located on the west shore of Lake Michigan also add to its charm.  One […]

Cruise Shore Excursions – Northern Ireland Giant’s Causeway

Tweet Cruising around the British Isles makes for a great vacation and one of the excellent excursions available is through the capital of Northern Ireland, the port city Belfast. The famous Titanic was built in the city of Belfast, back when it had one of the major shipbuilding yards in the world.  Today you can […]

Cruise Shore Excursions – Mykonos

Tweet One of the many shore excursions available while cruising the Mediterranean is the Greek island of Mykonos.  This beautiful and breezy island that receives very little rainfall, makes for a great relaxing excursion.  As you approach Mykonos on your ship, you get a great view of the whitewashed homes and buildings standing out against […]

Pre Cruise City Stays … Part III – Venice

Tweet Previously in parts I & II of “Pre Cruise City Stays”, I have talked about the advantages of adding some time in your cruise departure city and explored both New York City and London as options.  This week, the beautiful and unique city of Venice is my blog’s focus. Pre Cruise City #3 – […]

Pre Cruise City Stays … Part I – New York City

Tweet If you have never thought of planning a pre cruise city stay, it may be something you should consider.  There are some definite pros to adding one to three nights to your cruise departure city that could add to your overall vacation experience. Firstly, one potential risk related to your cruise is a substantial […]

To cruise or not to cruise?

Tweet While I find cruising a great way to travel and see many destinations in a short period of time, many are not fans.  I hear it all the time, “cruising is for old people” or “I just want to relax on the beach”.  While it is true that it can be a great trip […]