Selective Colour in Black & White Images

Tweet We have all seen the selective use of colour in images and are grabbed by the red double-decker bus shown in London against the black and white back ground.  Or the shot of a colourful bicycle leaning up against a rail in front of a B&W European scene.  Recently, I have started to do […]

Photography of Moving Water

Tweet I recently purchased a 64x neutral density filter to help me capture the different effects when photographing images of water movement.  Depending on the effect you are going after, will determine the best settings and equipment required to achieve the particular result. Grindstone Creek 0.4 seconds, f32, ISO 400 Your shutter speed will make […]

Supermoon 2012: Biggest full moon of the year (May 5th)

Tweet As the blog title suggests, tonight was the biggest full moon of the year, so I thought I would take advantage of the situation and try and get some moon shots in.  The moon can be tricky to photograph as it is usually quite bright while it’s surroundings are dark and the other thing […]