Cruise Shore Excursions – Northern Ireland Giant’s Causeway

Tweet Cruising around the British Isles makes for a great vacation and one of the excellent excursions available is through the capital of Northern Ireland, the port city Belfast. The famous Titanic was built in the city of Belfast, back when it had one of the major shipbuilding yards in the world.  Today you can […]

Cruise Shore Excursions – Mykonos

Tweet One of the many shore excursions available while cruising the Mediterranean is the Greek island of Mykonos.  This beautiful and breezy island that receives very little rainfall, makes for a great relaxing excursion.  As you approach Mykonos on your ship, you get a great view of the whitewashed homes and buildings standing out against […]

Pre Cruise City Stays … Part III – Venice

Tweet Previously in parts I & II of “Pre Cruise City Stays”, I have talked about the advantages of adding some time in your cruise departure city and explored both New York City and London as options.  This week, the beautiful and unique city of Venice is my blog’s focus. Pre Cruise City #3 – […]

Pre Cruise City Stays … Part II – London

Tweet As mentioned in my last blog “Pre Cruise City Stays Part I”, if you have never thought of planning a pre cruise city stay, it may be something you should consider.  Last week I discussed some of the potential advantages this could hold for you and shared the New York City travel experience.  For […]

Pre Cruise City Stays … Part I – New York City

Tweet If you have never thought of planning a pre cruise city stay, it may be something you should consider.  There are some definite pros to adding one to three nights to your cruise departure city that could add to your overall vacation experience. Firstly, one potential risk related to your cruise is a substantial […]

To cruise or not to cruise?

Tweet While I find cruising a great way to travel and see many destinations in a short period of time, many are not fans.  I hear it all the time, “cruising is for old people” or “I just want to relax on the beach”.  While it is true that it can be a great trip […]