Oakville Sunrise

March 18th, 2012

Sometimes a good image is within 10 to 15 minutes from your house and so it is hard to call it a travel image!

Looking at the lighthouse pier in Oakville at sunrise (Ian C Whitworth)

A few days ago I drove down to the lake in Oakville to capture some sunrise images around the lighthouse pier.  As I set up my tripod right across the inlet to the Oakville harbour from the lighthouse, a thunderstorm was coming in behind me from the west.  I got a few shots in before I needed to head for cover!

A beautiful sunrise over Lake Ontario in Oakville at the Lighthouse pier (Ian C Whitworth)

So for sunrises, be sure to bring your tripod, find an interesting foreground subject to include and for these images I used ISO 100 @ F16 and between 1/5 & 1/15 shutter speed.  Some post production work was required in Lightroom to help lighten the lighthouse and pier so that it was not too silhouetted as a result of being backlit from the sun.


Although we have had a mild winter here this year, I am looking forward to the spring and the new photographic experiences it brings.  Hope you get out and enjoy your travels and photography too!


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