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November 25th, 2011

One of the many shore excursions available while cruising the Mediterranean is the Greek island of Mykonos.  This beautiful and breezy island that receives very little rainfall, makes for a great relaxing excursion.  As you approach Mykonos on your ship, you get a great view of the whitewashed homes and buildings standing out against the rocky background.  Its’ picturesque small harbour looks inviting and is framed to the right by the famous windmills.

View from a cruise ship of the windmills at Mykonos in Greece (Ian C Whitworth)

Since the Mykonos harbour can only handle smaller boats, your excursion will begin by tendering in off your cruise ship to the dock.  After your short tender, a relaxing walking tour of Mykonos town lets you explore the main sites and get some key information prior to providing free time to explore, shop and get those most wanted pictures.  Be sure not to miss meeting the town mascot, Petros the pelican while walking the town!

Island mascot, Petros the pelican in Mykonos in Greece (Ian C Whitworth)   Windmills on the island of Mykonos in Greece. (Ian C Whitworth)

One of the points of interest is Panagia Paraportiani, which is a church with parts that date back to 1425.  Little Venice is a very scenic spot with its buildings build right against the sea and up the hill from here; you cannot miss the famous windmills that overlook the town. Due to the strong winds, the locals made good use of this natural energy to mill their wheat and many of these windmills were built in the 16th century.

White church originally built in 1425 with additions in the 16th & 17th centuries at Mykonos in Greece (Ian C Whitworth)   Looking across the waves at Little Venice at Mykonos in Greece (Ian C Whitworth)

Outside of the town of Mykonos, there are a number of beautiful beaches for you to enjoy and can be tied into your excursion for a short visit. While at one of these beaches, I captured the image of this shell wind chime on display at the waters edge (below left).

Dangling shells in a wind chime overlooking the water at a beach in Mykonos Greece (Ian C Whitworth)    (Ian C Whitworth)

For us photographers, Mykonos offers up many excellent opportunities for great images.  Many great contrasts are present including the blue trim on the buildings as well as the sky against the stark-whitewashed buildings.  Other views to capture include fishing boats, the sea up against the buildings in “Little Venice” and of course the famous windmills on the hill overlooking the town.  Walking the town, you are presented with many inviting scenes to capture.

View of a white church's bells under the crosses at Mykonos in Greece (Ian C Whitworth)

fishing boat at anchor off the shore of Mykonos in the Greek Islands (Ian C Whitworth)

 Mykonos Fun Facts: Photography Tips:
  • Population of approximately 79,000 people
  • Mykonos is roughly 41 square miles
  • Fresh water is limited due to the lack of substantial rainfall and Mykonos relies on the desalinization of sea water to fill their needs
  •  Petros the pelican has been the Mykonos town mascot for over 50 years
  • Be sure to use a lens hood to help keep stray light from hitting the lens / filter glass and spoiling your images with flare
  • Great views are available from the ship of the town of Mykonos, so be sure to get a good spot at the stern on the sail-away
  • Most definitely a destination that will make good use of your polarizer and help give you some excellent images

Don’t miss the opportunity to include the relaxing and beautiful Mykonos excursion on your next Mediterranean cruise.


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