To cruise or not to cruise?

October 30th, 2011

While I find cruising a great way to travel and see many destinations in a short period of time, many are not fans.  I hear it all the time, “cruising is for old people” or “I just want to relax on the beach”.  While it is true that it can be a great trip for seniors and that if all you want to do is lay on a beach cruising is probably not for you, most of those dismissing cruises have never been on one!

Looking at the bar at the stern of a cruise ship as it blends into the curve of the wake in the North Sea (Ian C Whitworth)

A view down the stairs at the stern of a cruise ship looking into the North Sea wake. (Ian C Whitworth)

My standard line about cruises is that they allow you explore many destinations in a short time, with your “5 star hotel” arriving at a new port virtually every day.  By doing so, you can determine if one of these locations may be a place you would return to for a more in-depth stay.

The Ruby Princess stern pool at night after shut down (Ian C Whitworth)

Cruise Ship at port in Monaco (Ian C Whitworth)

As a photographer, you are able to get some unique images from different vantage points than if you were doing a land trip.  One of the down sides is that usually the ship is in port from approximately 7AM to 7PM so lighting is a challenge and night shots from the excursions are pretty much not an option.  But the views are great!  But then again, so is the food (another one of my passions).

Panoramic view from a cruise ship of the southern Venice waters east of San Marco Square (Ian C Whitworth)

View from a Mediterranean cruise ship of a small Greek Island on route to Mykonos (Ian C Whitworth)

Hope to see you topside with your camera ready for the sail-away on my next cruise!



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